Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Musical college prank

I wish I had done something of this sort..

Monday, May 21, 2007

What Jeeves did NOT know about :Ru-21 or "Leaving Las Vegas - hangovers=Ru-21"

( is not a newly discovered isotope of a newly discovered chemical element, it is in fact a Russian chemical which helped KGB agents drink huge amounts of alcohol without nursing a hangover. Sanity-restorers for the common man on mornings where they ask "Why?Why?Why?Why?. Why did I overdo it ?" This, of course , has so many uses in public life.

Situation 1: Bollywood movie .Vamp decides to make the hero drink a gallon , so he can spill out the state secrets in a jiffy.Hero is savvy(he is a regular subscriber to the Journal of How to be ahead of the curve in the Seduction business).He never leaves home without a bottle of Ru-21 tablets.He takes a tablet and looks endearingly while the vamp sings 'Piyaaa tooo, ab thoo aaajaa...". 5 bottles down , vamp decides that any more drinks and her Expense account is going under the scanner of top Finance Dept. honchos. She looks at the hero and pleads "Piyaa , ab tho bataa dho...where is the nuclear war-head located? ".

Hero: What the ...., I am not even inebriated yet, lets give this a shot for at least 300 yards of the film reel more.
Vamp: Damn ! I am waring stilettos not loafers.You think it's easy prancing around on a wet bar on these heels.I am outta here.
Hero(taking the last bottle with him): All for the day, thank you Shaktimaan ..err..Ru-21.

P.S :The title of this post refers to the P. G Wodehouse character, Jeeves , often preparing concoctions for Bertie Wooster's hangovers on mornings after the drinking bout.

Statutory warning: abymaxim mandates responsible drinking :do not mix drinking and driving, drinking and surgical procedures, drinking and seeing senti movies , drinking and trying to change an electric bulb.

Buzz off and Jhoom BaraBar Jhoom paradigm shift

If anyone has not seen the Jhoom BaraBar Jhoom trailer yet

( ) , well here's a new addition to Indo-Pak conversational grammar {Indian mistakes Pakistani for Indian , tries to draw him/her into a conversation , the person being spoken to can just indicate the other person to buzz off by mentioning that he/she is from Delhi/Lahore as the case may be ...

Sample another conversation along the same logic:-

1)(cute PYT sitting outside the venue of a Maharashtra Railway Recruitment Exam center, dude from any other state other than Maharashtra walks up to the lady)

Dude: Me , Kunal Lal from UP.
PYT: I am Shreya , Shreya Nene from Pune...

Didn't understand, oh you poor uninformed soul ,read this:

I used to be a member of an Orkut group called ( "Engineers against reservation "....I wonder if there is an Orkut group for protesting against such diseases as well.