Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On selecting a career path

What sustains you day after day may be not what you wish it to be
You want to be swept off your feet with a higher purpose
Which will consume you so thoroughly that sweat on your brow and the warm fuzzy feeling walk hand in hand
You may wish that when you run , the paths you tread are what the fate lines showed the direction as
You want to believe
You do not want to accede to some speck in the eye.

For some rehearsals, you will play the part
You would have known the lines all the while
And the paint on the face just accentuating what was inherent
After the last of arc-lights have been switched off
And the cues all have vanished
You would look up to the empty seats and the deafening silence
Are the pleasant echoes of the applause what should sustain one?
Is the purpose high enough?

You did not lose yourself in service of others to find yourself
The water stream found the easiest path down the rocky cliff
And over time carved its way, so that bystanders would not believe it was any other way ever
It is in the dry month one finds the tracks left by many seasons of familiar shower.