Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bharat Bandh(ook)

Dear children,

I am your friendly Constitution writer. Yeah, that book we wrote long back in the late 1940s hoping to put in words what many of us then had this fad about : freedom , social justice and rest of the things we thought were nifty. Sure the French and the Americans (and the Brits whom we had just said adieu to ) had their own editions some years back , but we wanted an Indian edition .Mighty amount of debates it took : we even debated whether we should debate on Sundays. We thought we did a good job , eh ?

So what is this now I hear of sweet cherubic looking seventy year political types running a joint called "Bharat bandh" tomorrow. Fuel hike ? So we built you guys a Parliament House for that, did we not ? We gave you MPs , MLAs :the works . We even gave you PILs , and now I hear you spring chickens have something called RTI too. What's it with the bandanna wearing 20-something hockey-wielding two-day old stubble looking guy who says he will break your femur into four or preferably five pieces if you go to office tomorrow ? Fuel hike ? What happened to learned debate ? I hear you kids now like to vote to for parties with young guns :it appeals to your sense of what India's current age demographics are . What have you asked your young Parliamentarians to ask on your behalf in recent days ? No ? Oh, I see , you are not really into the Question hour thingy , are you ? Drab news, never cut ice even those days .

I flip through the pages of today's newspaper and it seems the angle the newspapers are covering is that ideologically different parties have joined hands for tomorrow's bandh .Sure as hell did not think that freedom of expression would be used in this manner.

What's that ? For the greater common good, the few temporary inconveniences should be tolerated. Nice quote . Where did you get that from , son? WikiQuote ?

Grow a spine , kids.And yes, we wrote the Constitution hoping you would use it for some good.

Yours truly,
Politician from an age long gone

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