Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally the book

Kaminey nazar se dekha gaya manzar
Aur jaana ki ya tho mukhauta pehen kar jaam mein shaamil ho
Ya phir apnay vasool se peeche na hatke,kaam mein shaamil ho

-The hard working beaver and 'Smart' work:Collected works.

Coming soon,a collection of English rhymes with Urdu euphemisms on higher education and finding pots of platinum at the end of rainbow.Diwali release :-)

Of course,it's going to be illustrated and a free E-book.This is going to be fun and my gift to my niece.My sister used to read me stories (and so did Dad, grandpas and occasionally mom )and introduced me to books, my way of completing part of that cycle. :-)